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We’re on the road again

Europe in December 2002 Part 1

Europe in December 2002 Part 2

Texas Limericks

More Texas Limericks


Advice to the 30 over 30 folks

More advice to the 60 and over group

Eight Simple Rules for Dating My Mother

Gulf Fishing

Birthdays and other gift-giving occasions

Gas: It’s not just for balloons any more

Gas revisited

Prozac and Viagra

The Spain Trip: Part 1

The Spain Trip: Part 2

The Spain Trip: Part 3

The Spain Trip: Part 4

We are one people separated by a common language

The Truth about Language

What does the state of California know and whendid it know it.

I'm Cruisin

Cruisin--day 2

Your Cell Phone and You

Go to Graduate School

The newest murder mystery on the block

April Fool

The Day Job

The Big Catfish

More Big Catfish

The great possum hunt

Hooked on fly fishing

The Hazards of Fly Fishing


Texas--an Epic Poem

Driving in Texas

The Easter Bunny

A Reader Responds

Read the Ads

Cow Tongue



Dogs I have Known and Loved

Everything is $200


Learning to fly

The World’s Most Exciting Spectator Sports

The Life and Times of Sir Isaac Newton