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“We look forward every Sunday morning for your words of wit! You, my dear sir, are one funny SOB.” M.C.

“Your article in Sunday’s paper is hilarious. I loved it and can’t wait to read the ongoing saga of your trip. Sounded like fun. You write good articles” A.C.

“You have succeeded in addressing the medical problem with fun and humor. G.M.E.

“Keep finding things to laugh about. People need it. R.M.

“I enjoyed your story in the old Morgan County Herald.” J.E.R.

“I laughed myself silly over Latin and German as applied to Sir Isaac Newton. Am sending a copy to my brother-in law…” J.S.

“I roared out loud when I read about your cruise last Sunday. I can hardly wait for the next installment.” E. C.

“I’m sorry to see the Spain columns end. They were interesting and funny. Nice work!” N.R.W.

“I laughed so loud my wife came in from the next room to see what was the matter.” B.L.

“The Don Ramon column is worth the price of the whole paper.” M.C.

“That may be the funniest thing I’ve ever read.” K.R.

“I loved your limericks. I laughed till I cried.” G.N.

“I read you column every Sunday. I read it before I read Dave Barry. I think it’s funnier than Dave Barry.” F.G.

“I enjoy your column. My wife, Anne and I travel as much as ya’ll so can relate.” G.A.

“Your column was a hoot, as usual.” N.W.

“Reading a column like this early every day will increase the life-span for anyone for several years. It is great.” J.B.S.

“I have some co-workers here that have been enjoying your columns.” K.M.R.

“I always read your column. Good job.” C.M.

“Enjoyed reading your 11-17-02 column in The Item re the newest murder mystery. You got my attention and kept it. Well Done.” S.W.

“I laughed until my sides ached. I don’t know which article is my favorite. Each one seems to get better.” D.B.

“I want to say that I really enjoy reading the columns of Dave Barry and Don Ramon in each Sunday issue of the Item. I especially liked Don Ramon’s column in the Nov.17 issue of the Item. S.W. (From a letter to the editor published 12/18 02.)


“Dear Don-This is great. I love it.” H.S. (Email from a physician in Bergen, Norway.)

"I really appreciate your humor and had a few good laughs with my wife." A.B. (Another email from another physican and medical researcher in Bergan Norway.)

"I enjoy reading the column each week." N.G.

"Laughing all the way..." J.S.

"Your column today was especially funny. I laughed so hard, I almost barfed!" Nancy

"Can't wait for the next installment! This made me laugh out loud!" R.P.

"I finally got around to reading your March 9th column. It was hilarious." S.S.B.

"One of my dearest friends in Huntsville sent me your March 2 column, and like many of the readers published on your website, I laughed out loud, and marvelled at the succinct descriptions of the patronizers of the health club. I found your essay descriptive, hilarious, accurate, and all that stuff..." E.W.

"I went to your site and read lots of your columns. They're really great and funny. I especially loved the one on Prozac and Viagra." G.R.

"While Mary and I have not had the pleasure of meeting either of you, we just wanted to send a note to say how much we look forward to Mr. Ramon's article every Sunday. His article alone is worth the price of admission. We mail his message to various friends of ours (some in Qatar) who just go ballistic. Today's was a classic!!!!!" M.C. (A letter to the publisher of The Huntsville Item.)

"Excellent flurry at the end! ! ! ! I love your style." C. B.

"We really enjoy your articles in the Item each Sunday. I guess its because we can identify with what you write. Keep it up" E. R.

"You pen your words extremely well." B. S.

"Oh WOW. Mrs. WOW is going to love this column." S.F.

"The Greeting from Frankfurt was hilarious!!! I have tears rolling down my face. Springtime in Vienna was just as hilarious." S.S.B.

"I chuckled my way through Frankfurt and Vienna, and felt the heat!" E.W.

"I think today's column is the best one you've ever written. It was really, really well crafted." N.W.